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A stunningly sensual ambiance makes this story stand out. When you find yourself lost at night in a bad part of town, you have to be careful who you talk to. Yet when Jess, the lovely tanning salon attendant, comes a-knocking, suddenly, keeping quiet is the least of Kate's concerns. And even to let him make her do it. The result is a spirited dissection of love and lust, and what lies in-between. Not so for Isabelle, who gets the urge to sneeze on a bus, and decides to thoroughly enjoy it despite the possibility of attracting unwanted attention from onlookers.

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And yet however pleasing to the eye, in making her, Mother Nature has included a small glitch

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Gesundheit? That's Hot

But, as it turns out, not half as much as he likes looking after her. Little did she know Josh didn't mind one bit So much so that one night, she decides to create the perfect setting to give him what his heart desires for the very first time. Others prefer them in series, one after another after another, in a phlegmy trifecta. Sheila's allergies act up in a store's dressing room, to both our delight and hers.

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fetish sneezing story
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fetish sneezing story
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