Risk of performing a penetration test

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More often than not agencies are doing pen testing because they need to check the "pen testing" box rather than for the right reason: In most cases the company that is performing a penetration test for a client faces little risk. Judicious scoping, close attention to budget concerns, and the use of certified pen-testers increase assurance that penetration testing will improve the security posture of the operational environment. Top 10 Influencers in Government InfoSec. How does it obtain that information?

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Security Testing & Assessments

Only when the above are understood, can you fully determine what level of testing is appropriate to that application. As CISO for Duke Health, Kesler leads the organization's information security office, which provides services for all Duke University Health System's units as well as academic departments and research institutes in the university's schools of medicine and nursing. As proved by the above impressive statistics, hackers do their criminal business with impunity. All information was coming from large serviced companies, and the investigation revealed that the created database was intended for sale to competitors. Big Data Security Analytics. So, pentests usually grant you false, illusory safety. Penetration tests are mainly performed to estimate the overall company level of protection from external threats and directed attacks, and also to document the actions and to create a report on them.

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risk of performing a penetration test

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