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It cost P for the pack, and it arrived within four working days. My period usually lasts five days, with the tail-end of my period being barely anything. As instructed on the box, it really is best used as a supplementary product versus using it alone—especially during your heavier days. I don't know if it's just me but I've noticed that my period is significantly weaker at night. I did check on how it was holding up occasionally, and it was doing pretty okay although I noticed it wasn't too absorbent compared to a pad. There are other options for reusable products like washable pads and period panties. So wearing it on its own the next day was out of the question.

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I Tried Period Panties For The First Time

I did want to try it out but I wasn't too keen on paying a leg for shipping a few pairs, and I was happy enough with my period cup to forgo that. I spent Day 1 sitting on my office desk, the usual 9- sawa. I decided that I would wear my menstrual cup without the period panties for the next couple of days to avoid any accidental leaks as my flow is usually pretty heavy during those days. For the past two and a half years, the menstrual cup has been my choice for when I am surfing the crimson wave. I brought my cup along just in case it couldn't take it anymore. The fit is pretty snug and it sits just below my belly button.

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filipino hand in panties
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filipino hand in panties
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