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I love his character as the bad guy. Most Beautiful Women of all Time. She was also seen in the miniseries Queenie, a roman a clef on actress Merle Oberon. Timecop benefits from having a talented director Like Peter Hyams behind the wheel for this one. It's also interesting how, before James Cameron, Hyams was trying to create the contemporary sci-fi film without the intervention of the space opera element. When he speaks, his accent and profanity quickly verifies those suspicions.

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Also Ron Silver is great as the bad guy "You can forget about being my Chief of Staff, if slamming your head into the sideboard turns you into a Snivelling Weasel":

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It's quite original and it had a fantastic all around cast, plus it's exciting throughout!. I must admit that this film has devised the most pragmatic situation to date that allows Van Damme to perform his famed splits. An error has occured. In retaliation, John Claude Van Damme kills the Kirstie Alley guy by throwing another version of the Kirstie Alley guy at him - the two sort of moulding together in a bubbling, bad special effects mess on the carpet. After some decent gunfights and roundhouses you'll have to find out. I am speaking, of course, of the fight sequence in the kitchen, where he avoids electrocution by the means detailed above; it is simply exceptional work.

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