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Or ban the software that can be created by knowing that math, has been recreated from scratch multiple times within months, can be copied from one computer to another as easily as a pirated mp3, and can be used with just a few GPU-hours or a few CPU-days on any consumer machine? The Reddit policy as it stands would permit this. No, we lose a lot of moral high ground when we allow principles to justify harms. Persistent cookies can be removed by following your web browser help file directions. And what if there are chilling effects? I assume that if videos become easy to fake, we will learn to be skeptical of them as we are of images in this post-Photoshop world. My god, and I thought this week's new episode of The X-Files was on the nose about modern living being a post-truth, post-conspiracy society where truth and lies live side by side in such density that nobody can filter one from the other so in the end none of it matters and people will believe what they want regardless of the actual truth, and then I read this and feel like that episode is now out of date already.

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And a wonderland full of computer scientists, journalists, and digital detectives forces us to rethink even the things we see with our very own eyes. Two, people looking to abuse this aren't looking for something that will always pass for real - just something that passes long enough to do damage. This is not to say that I think all speech should be protected! Yes, and the reason that the First Amendment is not a defense for someone accused of workplace discrimination is that speech made in a work context is not protected speech. These shitheads are the fellow travelers to your opinions. If I were to suspect state actors or even wealthy private citizens of doing this with movies then I'd have to have done so since when Lt Dan lost his legs and Brandon Lee came back from the dead. The only solution I see is a hardware-level blockchain-like validation signature built into every recorder and editor that would prove that the images and audio taken in were original and untouched.

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