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They became protectors of the Indians and worked to both Europeanize them and convert them to Catholicism. The initial settling of the Americas was followed by a rapid expansion southwards, by the coast, with little gene flow later, especially in South America. Measlessmallpoxtuberculosisand influenza killed tens of thousands. Many researchers believed that the Andes were populated by Paleoindian migrants from North America who gradually moved south after being hunters on the plains. White Jews Amazonian Jews Romani. Dependencies and other territories.

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At the time of European contact, some of the indigenous people were traditionally mostly semi- nomadic tribes who subsisted on huntingfishinggathering and migrant agriculture.

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Retrieved 24 March Groups of fierce pathfinders organized expeditions called " bandeiras " flags into the backlands to claim them for the Portuguese crown and to look for gold and precious stones. Many of the estimated 2, nations and tribes which existed in the 16th century suffered extinction as a consequence of the European settlement, and many were assimilated into the Brazilian population. After Rondon's pioneering work, the SPI was turned over to bureaucrats and military officers and its work declined after By it was recognized that unessential contact with the tribes was causing illness and social disintegration. Brazil has one of the highest income inequalities in the world, [33] and much of that population includes indigenous tribes migrating toward urban areas both by choice and by displacement. Retrieved 17 December

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