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I am not convinced that Bashevis fully believed in otherworldly phenomena, because he often spoke of the supernatural as a mani- festation of psychological phenomena. Another good friend to Yitskhok was the critic and author of memoirs, Y. Ravitch was comically devoted to order, a trait that had origi- nated — so Yitskhok theorized — during a sojourn in Vienna, where 64 Janet Hadda he had worked in a bank and reportedly served in the Austrian army. Although I was afraid, I prayed inwardly that the geese would shriek, shriek so loud that people in the street would hear and come running. Later, Basheve would repeat the same pattern of companionship and rejection with Shiye. A local woman had come to Pinkhos Menakhem in his role as the Krochmalna Street rabbi because her geese, even after proper ritual slaughter, continued to emit a plaintive cry when prodded. Emma Hewitt - Not Enough Time

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Each time he uncovered some fresh nuance in the Torah or Gemara his cheeks would flush, his blue eyes sparkle, and he would bask in the glow of discovery and revelation. If I remember correctly, it was a tango Nomberg had learned the modern dances: Had his works not appeared in English, he probably would not have achieved significance on the world literary stage. Thus, even as he was promoting distance from Yiddish, Cahan strengthened the existence of Yiddish literature in an easily available form. In about forty-five seconds I would go on stage to give my introduction. A member of the audience asked him to say something in Yiddish. Deadmau5 - Not Exactly

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