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But with a die grinder or special bolt cutters it could be cut off. Becky gasp when he put the clamp on her right nipple. Yep, it never went down. In that time I learn that my husband is the best, most patient man I have ever known. You may not ask about removing it before it is time.

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Billy, I love you so much.

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Chastity Belt Included

I don't want you to be able to slip it off or enough to play with yourself. But this time it kept burning until Becky yank the key from the lock. There were dowels on the crotch strap that the waist belt ends slipped over. It was open in the back so she could shit, and she could pee through the slit in front, but wouldn't be able to get anything wide enough to be useful through the slit. I lost most of my modesty about the same time I shredded my vocal cords during labor.

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chastity belt sex stories
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