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He frowned again, brow furrowing. A smirk spread across Syrana's muzzle, and she perked an ear up at him. Spurt after spurt of viscous, delicious spunk splattered into her maw, but she didn't swallow, instead allowing it to quickly overflow her muzzle, dribbling from the corner of her mouth as she grinned up at him, slowly dripping from the tip of her tongue in gooey, thick streams, spilling onto the carpet beneath them as she tilted her head back and started to swallow, having savoured the salty, pheremone-laden taste long enough. Syrana flipped over the last card, and Colin gave a faint, almost unnoticeable smirk. With a lustful grin up at him, she started to stroke harder, and faster, deliberating laving her tongue around the sensitive cap of his aching cock, squeezing near the base rhythmically, angling her head so his tip rubbed against the fleshy ridges on the roof of her muzzle, making his eyes go wide and his legs start twitching. Colin cried out in lust, and in a moment, he was on his knees, humping rapidly at her muzzle, his hands holding around her right ear, and around her chin, to hold her steady, muzzlefucking the Lucario with eager motions, forcing her onto her stomach. Oh my f-fucking g-god

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The moment he moved to stand up, a paw was suddenly on his chest, holding him down with impressive force.

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It wasn't like he needed protecting. With a seductive little grin, Syrana tilted her head, and drew back slowly, coiling her tongue against his flesh as she went, until just the head was in her muzzle, before she twirled her tongue around, and around his sensitive tip, and then gave it a hard suck. Spill your hot spunk in me! Hot, tight, and slick, soft cunt flesh squeezing around his tip, parting willingly for his entry, tightening on him once he was inside. His hands moved automatically to her hips, and he pressed her down while he humped upwards, sinking inch, after inch of his cock into her with a load groan.

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