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Representative Dick Armey discusses the aims of the Contract with America. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams talks addresses the key issue of disarmament and President Clinton's involvement in the peace process. Paul Simon explains why he supports a balanced budget amendment. Jay Winik on his book, "On the Brink. A conversation about the struggle between Congress and the White House. Armey nails their statements that illustrate contempt for our heritage, our Constitution, our American values and our way of life…and calls them what they are.

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The Colorado Representative on Congress' late-term abortion ban and her decision to step down.

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Journalists Todd Purdum and E. President Alberto Fujimori discusses his plans to further the transformation of Peru. Senator John Breaux on the recent retreat of the Senate Finance Committee and the changes they hope to bring to Washington. He cannot help but bash our country at every opportunity. House Majority Leader Dick Armey. John Bruton discusses Gerry Adams' invitation to the White House and the necessity of mutual disarmament. Itamar Rabinovich on the peace process underway between Israel and Hezbollah.

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charlie rose dick armey comments
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charlie rose dick armey comments
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