When raising the clitoris hood i see white stuff

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And I just had my period so it couldn't of been that. This has never bothered me until now because i am curios. They just happen, especially when you first get your period or are pregnant becuase your hormones are wacky and there's nothing you can do about it. Any advise would be great thanks! Seventeen women in the pimecrolimus group and 19 women in the clobetasol group all had biopsy-proven vulvar LS. I have been treated for a hypertonic vagina with physical therapy and valium suppositories. There is evidence supporting an autoimmune etiology in genetically predisposed patients.

I went to a skin specialist who prescribed me diprosone and I used it for 16years.

Vaginal and vulval problems

Having a hood with more or thicker tissue may affect sensation, but manually retracting your hood or experimenting with different positions can remedy that. I am slightly confused. And so it's still bleeding from last night, and I'm having pains on my lower stomach and it hurts really really bad. I have not itching or discharge except for blood. Is there something wrong with it?

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