Birth control sexual desire

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The results initially suggested that women on non-hormonal contraceptives had higher desire on their own, while women on the pill had higher desire with their partner, but these correlations went away when the researchers adjusted for age of the women and length of their relationships. Each one took their time with me. Discussion Among CHOICE participants, more than one in five reported a lack of interest in sex for several months or more when asked at their 6-month follow-up survey. The nurses Sara and Rachelle R. Then Linsey put my worrying to ease. We found no association between use of the hormonal IUD, oral contraceptive pill, and patch and lack of interest in sex.

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From IUDs to the pill — here's how different birth control methods can affect your sex drive From IUDs to the pill — here's how different birth control methods can affect your sex drive Dr.

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Sexual Desire and Hormonal Contraception

Adding hormones to your body can affect many aspects of your life, including your libido. Each participant provided written informed consent. She has never made me feel like a question was too mundane and if I'm seeing her my wait time is 5 minutes or less. Rather than being taken orally every day, the NuvaRing is inserted into the vagina monthly to prevent pregnancy. Copper intrauterine device IUD referent group and contraceptive methods with significant results are shown. Contraception [Internet] Available from:

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birth control sexual desire
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birth control sexual desire
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