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Cotton panties Tease Panties Denial Japanese. Raven stared at the girl before her for a moment. Raven realized her mouth had gone dry, and that she was staring at the other girl's body with her mouth agape. Raven fingered her partner relentlessly, filling her body with unending waves of ecstasy. Raven started moving her jaw up and down, creating a sensual rhythm between them, and Starfire mimicked Raven's every move perfectly. She lowered her face to Raven's chest, right by one of the Goth's large perky breasts. Starfire threw her arms around Raven's shoulder, holding tightly, thrusting harder.

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She tilted her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm over took her

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Whatever inhibitions Starfire had about all this, they were definitely gone now. The sorceress threw her head back, moaning loudly in ecstasy, as she felt her walls being pushed around by Star's surprisingly strong tongue. Raven, thinking she had done something wrong, quickly withdrew her hand. Starfire could only hold on for a few more seconds before she went over the edge, a veritable nuclear explosion of absolutely pure ecstasy rushed through her body. One by one, she unclasped them, moving very nimbly. And that was the part that came past her lips! She slipped her hand into Starfire's panties.

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