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How can I get over this? After 5 minutes of this I turned to Chris and asked him if he could leave the room for a couple of minutes, he kinda just looked at me and gave me the biggest shit eating grin two 14 year olds could give each other. I wish she just jacked me off to finish, but NO! Well the opposite happened. Maybe for you, at this point in your life, having this kind of relationship with someone years older than you and with more life experience isn't what you want or what feels right for you. Things got a little steamy until I literally slipped and fell down and hit my head while I was hard as a rock. Guys do care about who they sleep with for the first time.

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Tell him you want and need them.

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We asked guys what it was like to lose their virginity

If the things you want and need are things you can both work on and improve, but this guy doesn't seem to care about them or really want to work on them, the big issue here may not be this guy's past, but this guy just not being a good fit for you in the present. I don't think you did anything wrong here in any big way. But that's not the person you chose to be with for this experience. I gave my virginity to him and I didn't get anything in return. I want to make sure you don't have the idea that you have to stay with this person if things really aren't good, if this relationship isn't what you really want, or if what went wrong here for you with this sex is what's been or is becoming wrong for you in the relationship, like not feeling special to this person or like you get as good as you give. Maybe some of what you learned, and this partner can too -- after all, it was his first time with YOU, so he's at the start of a learning process just like you are -- is that there are some things you need for sex to feel good for you neither of you knew you did, like perhaps some more affirmation and loving communication during sex or more affection afterward, like things to make it feel more special for both of you, like having it be more clearly recognized by your partner that sex with a partner is a very big deal to you. We had the movie, The Collector on TV.

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offered me his virginity
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offered me his virginity
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