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The Senate Report described the breadth of the remedy as follows: The mythic future infringer, well-versed in the precedents of this circuit and not unwilling to violate federal law, would ship the shirts just as Bruhn did. Stop watching this discussion. Polo argues that the district court should have awarded the entire receipts from the sales as "profits. Become a Member Today.

A district court's denial of an injunction is reviewed for an abuse of discretion.

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Polo argues that the district court did not award an adequate remedy. The district court's remedy in this case did not remove all of Bruhn's economic incentive to buy and sell counterfeit Polo shirts. It would be unconscionable not to provide a complete remedy including attorney fees for acts which courts have characterized as malicious, fraudulent, deliberate, and willful. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. The district court's judgment on this point stated that " [t]he facts and circumstances of this case also do not indicate that permanent injunctive relief is necessary.

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