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This would be counted as ban evasion which isn't permitted on DALnet. Old users do contact me. Technically it could come up sometime, however I doubt you would ever have the need to place such a ban. The userid and nickname can also be the same. You may be banned from a channel due to an offensive nickname, or another reason.

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A program on a computer which enables you to connect from that computer to another one on the Internet, and operate it remotely.

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A classification signified by a single word or abbreviation to which a computer in a network belongs. As the network continues to grow, our goal of providing you with the best possible network and the most high quality atmosphere only continues to grow stronger. The following is a list of the top networks that match that criteria. As you can see instead of a "text" hostname there is now a set of four numbers. Channel bans can only be set and removed by channel operators.

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dalnet irc sex channels
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