Women caught peeing while camping

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Also be careful that you pee with enough force, otherwise it will just dribble down your leg which is never a good thing. Sometimes I pee in a bucket and use it along with nettle or comfrey tea to give the veg garden a treat. If you have a glass of water at hand, just spill a bit of water where the wet spot is, and excuse yourself to go change. I always have Kleenex or paper towel in my pocket for lots of reasons, so that's always handy. This is why the only camping I do is inside camping.

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Digitoxin, for example, comes from plants in the first place.

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August 10, at 1: And a bunch of tiredness and aches went away. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Also, make sure that your thighs are not touching. The TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal Bag is ideal to have when camping, it is made solely for those inconvenient moments. Mostly in the morning, when I pee several times before going off to work to the lovely wood shop to make medieval crossbows You don't want to know why I wouldn't recommend the snap-on caps!

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